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Is Cleaning and Maintenance of theSolar system necessary?

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We keep our windows clean so that we can see what’s going on outside our home.
We clean our car’s windshield so that we can drive with ease. In the same way, we
do the Maintenance of our home so that it looks good, and we stay healthy. For
cars, regular maintenance is essential to prevent any considerable damage.
Same way for the solar system, Solar panels are an essential part of electricity
production. If there is Dust or any other material stuck on the glass of solar
panels, then it will decrease the output of the panels. If we don’t take any care
further, then it can permanently do damage to the solar panel. That is why
cleaning of solar panels at regular intervals is a must for better production and
longer life span of the system.
Maintenance of the core parts of the solar systems like Inverter, solar structure,
and other electrical pieces of equipment is also necessary. Cleaning and
Maintenance will help to maintain the excellent quality of the overall system and
thus increase the life of the system.
In this blog, we will learn some necessary precautions you as a client should
take care of.

First, let’s understand about Cleaning of Solar panels

What are the reasons for dirt on solar panels?

  1. Normal Dust
  • Dust is one of the apparent things that occur at any solar power plant. The
    amount of Dust that occurs on the solar panels depends on the surrounding areas,
    the humidity of the location, and some other factors.
  • This Dust doesn’t affect much on the efficiency of solar panels because light can
    still travel through them, and also panels can give production.

2. Bird dropping

  • These problems are widespread in countries like India, and out of our control
  • Bird dropping is a sticky substance, so it doesn’t go away smoothly with the
    rainwater. Due to its stickiness, it decreases the output of solar cells and affects
    the overall output of the solar panel.

What are the ways to clean solar panels?
Solar panel cleaning activity depends on the type of dirt that gets collected on the
• Dirt should never scrub from the solar panels. Hard scrubbing can remove the
coatings that may be on the panels or permanently destroy the glass of panels.
Loose dirt can be removed by sweeping; this method avoids water waste and is
simple; you only need a good broom to perform the task.
• Use a soft sponge and soap to get rid of dirt and sticky substances build-up on
your panels
• Do not use sharp metal objects to remove bird droppings.
• There are Solar cleaning kits available in the market which consist of long
brushes with soft spikes at the end and water solution. You can use this as this will
remove dirt as well as birds dropping off the panels.

• Sprinkler solutions are also available in the market, which are connected at
some intervals of your solar system. When you turn the system ON, it will spray
water too tall over the solar panels. Sprinklers are the very trending solution, but
research has shown that it does not clean sticky substances and thus doesn’t
clean panels accurately.
• Solar Robots are also available in the market nowadays with very efficient
technology. These are water-driven as well as without water, powder-based
solutions. For large solar plants, it is the best solution. For residential solar plants,
it is costly as an outcome is not that profitable.
One important thing you should remember before cleaning is the time of cleaning.
You should clean panels when they are not hot, so early morning or night is the
best time to clean panels.

Benefits of Clean solar panels;
According to one research, Dirty panels can reduce the overall output of the
system by 10-15%. So large power plants must clean their solar panels at regular
intervals. More output and More savings.!
Below are some key benefits of clean solar panels;

  1. High Efficiency
  2. Better warranty period – In case of any damage or fault, a manufacturer cannot
    blame you for not cleaning your panels regularly.
  3. Increase Durability
  4. More Savings
  5. Better Return on Investment
  6. More environment-friendly electricity

Maintenance of Solar system
Like any electrical device, Maintenance of the solar system is also essential. It
drastically increases the durability of the whole power plant and thus the
efficiency of the plant.
There are some general checks that we, as a consumer, have to do for our solar
plant, and we will see them briefly.

  1. No ground erosion occurs at the base of the solar structure. This can have a
    threat of damage to the entire plant.
  2. There should not be any loose wire or corroded wire in the system. This can
    short circuit the system and thus make it a failure.
  3. There should not be any debris or other material in the inverter mounting area
    or nearby.
  4. The monthly service of Inverter is recommended because it is an essential part
    of the system. Any future problem can be mitigated by monthly inspection.
  5. Between each connection of wires, there shouldn’t be any loose contact or
    space. This can lead to accidental fire also, so we have to check it once a month.
  6. Remote monitoring of the system should be checked once in a week to get an
    idea about the efficiency of the plant

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