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Solar Rooftop Installation

Our rooftop system can be an on-grid system, off-grid system(with battery banks), or hybrid system and come in different sizes ranging depending on the customer preferences, location, and with cost-saving perks that you will enjoy. Our aim is to provide you with a hustle-free service with 24/7 assistance with zero electricity bills that leads you to a sustainable, green future.


Industrial Solar Installation

We have solutions that can fit the solar requirement of our clients based on the existing power demand in their industries. For industries that need to optimize their energy efficiency, to derive pure, clean energy from the sun and reduce their heavy monthly energy bill. Our team of expert solar engineers are ready to take care of every technical detail with respect to the installation process in the solar power plant and in achieving the client’s goal of maximum return on the investment.


Solar Power Plant Setup

Our solar ground mounted system comes in different ranges depending on the customer preferences, location and with cost saving perks. We take care of all the equipment’s and follow the processor that will give your system maximum outcome and life span.


Easy Solar Loans Available

We make your solar dream come true. We have tie-ups with banks that give loans up to 75% of project costs available for individuals under the Priority Sector.


Solar Insurance Coverage

Protecting solar installations and solar panels is the smart move, and Solar insurance helps with that. During its lifetime the solar system has to withstand the risks associated with inclement weather (lightning), fire, vandalism, theft, etc. Adding an insurance cover will ensure your new system is safe from these risks. We will help you with solar insurance to protect you from paying out of your pocket for costly repairs.


Solar Cleaning

Not cleaning solar panels can deteriorate their performance over time, up to 40% of total energy efficiency. We at Solnce Energy offer you all sorts of easy technologies to help you out with the cleaning process. No matter what your solar plant size is, we have all kinds of solutions.


After Installation Maintenance

Proper solar maintenance is an assurance of maximum solar plant efficiency. For your solar system’s healthy life, explore different maintenance options with solnce.