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Solar Pump

The technology expansion in this era is unimaginable, though unfortunately most of the
technology is harming the environment directly or indirectly. In this scenario, Solar energy
comes as a pure blessing for all of us. With a boost in technology, solar energy has proved itself
more useful, efficient, and environment friendly. Now, solar is booming in every sector from
electricity to cars and everywhere. This blog will talk about the use of solar energy through the
solar pumps.
The basic use of solar energy is the same in all-new technology, but innovation is the main

changing factor. So first, let’s understand what a solar pump is-
A solar pump is a system that pumps water using solar energy; these pumps are utilized within a

wide range of housing, farming, municipal, and manufacturing applications. The whole system is
mainly constituted by the Solar Panel, Voltage Frequency Drive (VFD), Panel Stand, DCDB, and
Motor. The installation process is simple and minimum maintenance is necessary, though it is
expensive compared to normal water pumps, but that can be easily ignored while counting the
thereafter benefits.
There are two categories of solar pump-
● Surface pump
● Submersible pump
Surface pumps, these pumps stay above water as its name suggests, mostly used where the
depth of water is within the range of 10 meters. It moves water through the pipe and can move
a lot of water slowly. Surface pumps are often found on farms or large irrigation systems where
water needs to be moved from the lake to the field. These pumps are easier to install and
maintain compared to the submersible types.
Submersible pump is one that is placed underwater at all times in order to function, but the
solar panel is connected to the ground. The submersible pump is used to move water from the
well to the surface, used in boreholes and wells. They are more expensive to install and
Here, pipes play an important role in bringing water from the water source and taking it to
where it needs to go. These pipes are attached to the pump and the pump works by the
generated solar energy. The working principle in both the pumps is the same, but the location
of the pump where it is placed defines its working.

Submersible Solar Pump working & Surface solar pump working

FIG- 1

So now you know what a solar pump is, its type and where it is used. Let focus on how does
solar pumps work and their applications
The working principle of the solar pump is the same as the conventional water pump. The
major difference between the conventional water pump and the solar water pump is the power
source. The solar water pump is powered by the solar panel to operate. Afterward, the solar
panel supplies power to the pump, making it work independently of any existing electrical
system. Solar power is available only during the day time with clear sky, therefore if we need
irrigation or power at night time we have to have a storage device that could be either a battery
or a pumped storage arrangement. These pumps are available in both AC & DC technology.
Applications of solar water pump
Agricultural irrigation
Household water supply
supplying water from ponds, lakes, rivers or canals.

Hope this blog clear your curiosity about solar pump and has provided you with a basic idea of
how it works, their types, and their application. In the next blog will decision about its technical
parameters and how to choose which brand to go for, till then enjoy this information and let us
know if you need any further help. You can contact us anytime, just (mail) us or comment

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